This Week in Wagtail

27 March 2020

Issue #33

Welcome to issue 33 of This Week in Wagtail, a newsletter with weekly updates from the Wagtail core team and community.

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News and Blog Posts

  • Wagtail 2020 Roadmap Survey — We're asking for feedback from people who are using Wagtail to help develop our roadmap for the year.
  • Visit Sweden launched their website and went from ~10 page types with minor StreamField use to only 2 page types with more StreamField use and migrated about 3500 articles into those two page types.
  • Adding a latest-changes list to your Wagtail site — a simple way to add a latest-changes list in your Wagtail site.

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Latest changes






RFCs (Requests For Comments) are proposals for larger changes in Wagtail. They are submitted as a pull request on the RFCs repository and everyone is welcome to participate in the discussion until the RFC is approved.

The latest RFCs to be submitted are:

If you want to know more about the RFC process, you can read about it here.

Upcoming Events

  • Wagtail Space US 2020 will be a virtual conference this year sometime around August. We'll keep you updated on that as it develops in the coming months.

Running an event or meetup? Let us know about it by tweeting to @WagtailCMS.