A sequence of blocks of differing types to be rearranged as desired

stream tall

A new solution

StreamField is a brand spanking new mechanism for creating ‘freeform’ content. 

Build and arrange your content blocks in any order: headings, paragraphs, images, video, and custom content types specific to your site.

Rich text, but better

The go-to solution for creating content is the rich text area. But as we all know, adding more and more content types to rich text areas is often tricky. 

We wanted something more elegant. No more quirky bugs, compromise solutions and arbitrary blobs of html - in StreamField, we respect the separation of content and design.


Classy implementation

StreamField allows an editor to build a mixed sequence of content types. These serialise to a single JSON field in the database and provide a straightforward way to output content on a template, using HTML representations.

Simple editing

By handling these block types as equal citizens, rather than shoehorning them into an interface designed primarily for text, we can make the editing controls for each one as simple or as complex as needed: that Google map block could be a simple postcode field, or a drag-and-zoom location picker.

Content economy

Once out of the rich text area mindset, you'll find better ways of organising information. Code snippets needed on your programming blog? Why not create a new block type for that, complete with line numbers and syntax highlighting? Table required on that page? How about a spreadsheet-style editor?