Image cropping

Intuitive image handling

img crop 2

Automatic feature detection

Our image focal point allows for intelligent cropping of images - Wagtail can automatically detect faces and features and crop your images. 

We used the OpenCV library to build feature detection into the image upload process: when you upload an image Wagtail detects features and faces (single or multiple) and stores their coordinates. 

It then uses this information to intelligently crop images when they’re output, respecting the composition of photos and making sure that their subjects are visible and nicely framed.

Custom cropping

You can also optionally override the default, detected focal point and define your own by drawing a marquee over the region of the image you want to make sure Wagtail never crops out.

Multiple image upload

When you’re adding images you can now upload multiple images in one go, with a slick user experience and solid workflow. 

Drag your images into the browser or choose them from your local filesystem; Wagtail displays individual file upload progress for you and when the upload is complete you can then easily add the key metadata for each image from a single screen.