8 Nov 2019

Wagtail 2.7

Our latest quarterly treat, including WebP, Python 3.8, Elasticsearch 7 and a redesigned StreamField

Tom Dyson

Tom Dyson

Director, Torchbox
wagtail 2.7

We're delighted to announce the release of Wagtail 2.7, which landed just a few days after schedule, and includes the usual cornucopia of features and fixes - see the release notes for the full detailed round up.

While 2.7 may be a slightly triggering number for Python developers, this is a notable release for us, not least because it comes with long term support (LTS). Our LTS releases typically happen once every four feature releases and receive updates for five feature releases, giving a support period of fifteen months with a three month overlap. Also, LTS releases ensure compatibility with at least one Django Long Term Support release. As Wagtail's popularity grows among single developers, agencies, public institutions and massive enterprises, we want to offer solidity and backwards-compatibility for those who need it, alongside rapid feature improvements for those who are able to keep up with our quarterly release cycle.

As ever, we encourage you to look beyond the headline features and to appreciate the many smaller updates that make up each release. Even if you don't notice them at first, there are dozens of changes which make Wagtail faster, smoother and more correct. In particular, as an indicator of our increasing focus on accessibility, we've marked all the accessibility improvements as bug fixes rather than features. Much of this work was initiated by contributors at the Wagtail Space sprint in Philadelphia this summer.