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About Wagtail

Wagtail is an open source CMS written in Python and built on the Django framework. Built by developers for developers, It offers a fast attractive interface for editors where content can be created and structured intuitively. Elegant, powerful and agile - we’re very proud of what Wagtail can offer.

Why Wagtail?

There are plenty of great open source content management systems. We've used Drupal very successfully on big sites for clients including high profile campaigning NGOs, fundraising charities, think tanks, universities and public sector organisations. There are also some excellent Django CMSs, including Mezzanine, Fein and Django CMS, with thriving developer communities and impressive case studies. 

But having built content-managed websites for 14 years we have strong opinions about the editor experience and how a CMS should work and be structured, and we need to manage a more rapid pace of development than we can achieve by contributing to existing projects.

Django friendly

Torchbox has been enthusiastic users and supporters of Django since 0.96, and we're proud to count Django luminaries like Simon Willison and Andrew Godwin among our alumni. 

Django has been our favoured platform for bespoke application development over the last five years, because it continues to hit the sweet spot for robustness, speed of development and coding pleasure.

Wagtail offers:

  • Complete control over design with standard Django templates
  • Configuration of content types through standard Django models
  • Straightforward integration with existing Django apps.

Image/document management

Don't break your flow to add media - intuitively designed


Simple and configurable, even for complex needs


Including multi-site and multi-language support

What's in a name?

Wagtails are pretty little birds from the Motacilla family. From spring to autumn they gather on the lawns outside Torchbox's offices, charming us and our visitors. 

We wanted a name which reflected our beautiful setting and which had a sense of light and delight. Plus birds make easy logos.

Wagtail bird

Join us

We think Wagtail includes all the core publishing features that most large, complex sites need. In particular, we've worked hard to remove any limitations from the way that pages built in Wagtail can look or behave. 

But if you have any bespoke requirements that aren't built in, remember that Wagtail is just a Django app; any Python developer can fork it and add the features you need, or, even better, integrate using Wagtail's plugin architecture, and share your work so everyone benefits! 

We're continuing to improve and extend Wagtail all the time, so popular feature requests should be addressed quickly.

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